Social Innovation

Social Innovation
Theory and Practice

Soontorn Koonchaimang, Ph.D.

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1. เอกสารประกอบการบรรยาย 

  • Social Disruption, Sufficiency Economy and Social Innovation
  • Social Innovation from 0-1
  • Technological Innovation Aspects
  • Ten sets of Social Innovation Theory Geoff Mulgan
  • Social Innovation Process
  • Social Innovation Studies as technological innovation
  • Social Relations & Social Structure aspect
  • Social Innovation Platform
  • Grouping of Social Innovation Theory
  • Socioeconomic transformation aspects
  • Social Innovation & Urban Development
  • Social Innovation & Social Policy the role of local government
  • Social Innovation Movement-3
  • Social Innovation Movement-4
  • Social Innovation Movement-5
  • Social Innovation Theory & Practice-the last session

  • 2. เอกสารประกอบการศึกษาในชั้นเรียน       ** สำหรับผู้เรียนวิชา CSI 715 วิทยาลัยนวัตกรรมสังคม มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต

  • #1 Social Innovation for Social Cohesion by Adalbert Evers and Benjamin Ewert
  • #2 Social Innovation: Towards a Conceptualization by Nia Choi and Satyajit Majumdar
  • #3 An Extended Social Grid Model for the Study of Marginalization Processes and Social Innovation by Alex Nicholls and Rafael Ziegler
  • #4 Battling the Digital Divide from the Bottom-up in Lima, Peru by Anna Maria Fernandez- Maldonado
  • #4-1 European Policy and Social Innovation by Giovanni Bertin and Stefano Cambiamento
  • #5 Creating Shared Value, how to reinvent capitalism-and unleash a wave of innovation and growth by Michael Porter & Mark Kramer
  • #6 Mapping and Testing Social Enterprise Models Across the World by Jacques Defourny, Marthe Nyssens, & Oliver Brolis
  • #7 Conclusion: the task of the social innovation movement Social innovation movement by Roberto Unger

  • 3. เอกสารค้นคว้า 

  • Social Innovation Process
  • Compendium-of-Innovation-Methods-March-2019
  • The-Open-Book-of-Social-Innovationg
  • มิติของการปฏิบัติการนวัตกรรมสังคม
  • บทสรุปนวัตกรรมสวัสดิการชุมชน-Social Innovation Intiative
  • เอกสารวิชาการ_นวัตกรรมสังคม-1
  • The Basque Country: Strategy for Economic Development
  • Building a Shared Interest: Olinda, Milan: Social Innovation between Strategy and Organizational Learning
  • Amartya Sen’s capability approach as theoretical foundation of human development published in Journal of Sociology and Development
  • Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism
  • Mechanism Driving-Forces

  • 4. บันทึกวีดีโอการเรียนการสอน 

  • Social Innovation from 0 to 1
  • Technological Innovation Aspects
  • Social Innovation Process
  • -process- Social Relations & Social Structure Aspect
  • -process- Social Innovation Platform
  • -process- Social Grouping of Social Innovation Theory
  • -process- Socioeconomic Transformation Aspects
  • -process- Social Innovation & Urban Development
  • -process- Social Innovation and Social Policy
  • -process- Social Innovation Movement
  • -process- Social Innovation Theory & Practice the last session